I Ching

November 2, 2008

Of all the books I’d selected for travel reading, there were two I intended to use for a project in China, and both books I forgot.

The first, Marie Von-Franz’s On Divination And Synchronicity: The Psychology Of Meaningful Chance , I packed in a box absent mindedly, and when I realised my mistake it was already stored at my dad’s place. The second, Philip K. Dick’s The Man In The High Castle wasn’t on my bookshelf at all when I looked – and even now I have no idea where it disappeared to. So it would seem that in the spirit of my intended project on the I Ching, perhaps it was never meant to happen until later.

The idea was inspired partly by my interest in Marie Von-Franz’s comments on the I-Ching in her book, and also by the use of the I-Ching by PKD not just as part of his plotline, but I had read that he actually used the I-Ching to help with his own writing of the book.

I have ordered some second hand copies to be delivered to a place I’ll be staying in Thailand where, provided there is some synchronicity in my and the books’ arrivals, I can resume the project. More on that soon…


One Response to “I Ching”

  1. Trevor Says:

    Thanks for the tips on the books

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