My Keys

November 2, 2008

A lot of thoughts, memories and ideas surfaced from my subconscious in the few weeks prior to my leaving London. None so poignant as one thought that struck me: for the forseeable future I will own no keys. So as I sat on the 242 bus from Chancery Lane to Liverpool Street one day at the end of September, I began to dwell on the significance of keys .

I have had a set of my own keys since I was old enough to be responsible for some, the first set being the keys to my parents’ house. I don’t recall the moment I was given them, but I certainly remember the feeling of independence after they became my keys. Over time, I have added or swapped keys to the keyring; a key for my parents’ car; a key to my own first car; keys to places I have worked. Of course, nothing is permanent, and so the keyring may have changed once or twice and the keys have come and gone, I think I lost the whole lot once, but the concept of my keys has been with me for a long time.

When I finished my job I gave my office keys onto a colleague, Sophie. My set of keys became lighter in my pocket and I kept checking it was even there. On Saturday 4th October I left my flat in London. I handed back the keys I’d used to get into my personal world: my home. Now those keys are gone, and all that remains is the keyring alone: a small circle of coiled metal. I am hanging onto this , in preparation for keys to future places, future adventures, and to keep the concept of my keys alive.


4 Responses to “My Keys”

  1. thor Says:

    yeah, that is a weird concept – i hate the idea of being without my keys, even when a friend is visiting, giving the responsibility of The Keys to someone else!

  2. bvx Says:

    Someone a long time ago told me that the more keys you have, the more stress you have in your life, so I’ve always kept my keys minimal. I also keep my keys for work seperate from my home keys.. I like to draw a line between worklife and homelife, and that ended up filtering down to my key habits!

    So now you have no keys, are you stress free? 🙂

  3. sediehansen Says:

    I like the idea of carrying around the perfect little ring, though. It’s like the modern symbol of the holy void. It’s wonderfully empty and full of every possibility.

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